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5 Expenses Small Businesses Cannot Afford to Cut

This post was originally featured on the Early Growth Financial Services Blog.

You have probably already absorbed many obvious caveats about setting up your own start-up; don’t blow money you don’t have on fancy equipment or splash out on expensive rental space. But what about expenses you’re tempted to cut, but shouldn’t? While not investing […]

Data on Minority & Women Business Capital Access Challenges

A new report published by members of the Small Business Financial Health Initiative (SBFHI) has zeroed in on some of the roadblocks that minorities and women face when they are looking to secure financing for their companies.

They have a much more challenging time accessing debt capital than their male and non-minority peers. Only 28% […]

“Opportunity Cost” Sounds Strange But It Costs Your Business Money

You may not recognize it, but opportunity cost affects your business every single day. Opportunity cost is essentially what you give up (the benefits of the next best alternative) when you make a choice. To understand how to keep your opportunity costs low, let’s first meet John.

John is a new client. You and John spent […]

When is it time to hire a CFO?

This article was authored by Sirk Roh and initially posted on the Early Growth Financial Services blog site.

Early stage and small companies need CFOs with a different mindset and skills than their peers’ in large organizations. Of course, early stage CFOs can and do manage P&L and handle investor relations, but they also do […]

9 Tips for Achieving Your Startup Business Goals

Originally published in StartupNation.

How do you make 100% sure that you achieve the goals you’ve set for your business?

1. Set Smaller Goals!

It’s critical that you set reasonable goals/expectations for your business in order to achieve them. Many entrepreneurs have visions of grandeur and set unrealistic goals based on these delusions. Set reasonable goals based on […]

Most Common Banking Mistakes Entrepreneurs Make

Originally published on Early Growth Financial Services.

If the point of a business is to make money, then obviously you want to be very careful when it comes to managing that money. Your bank is key in this matter. Choosing a banking solution is one of the most important decisions you need to make as […]

How Mobile Payments are Powering Businesses that Thrive on cash Flow

Originally published on Entrepreneur.com

Time is money. This common idiom, widely attributed to Benjamin Franklin, is what drives a great deal of innovation in today’s tech-meets-business world. Mr. Franklin could not have anticipated mobile payment apps, but I bet he would recognize what they mean for today’s on-the-go entrepreneur slowed by the invoicing slog.

Invoicing creates […]

Steps to a Smooth Monthly Close For Your Small Business

This article was originally published on the Early Growth Financial Services.

Monthly close is the process of recording and reconciling all transactions that occurred during the month, then closing the associated temporary accounts: i.e., “closing the books.” The goal is both to deliver a snapshot of your business’ financial position and provide a fresh start […]

Tips on how to set your Business up the proper way.

Statistically 33% of small and medium sized businesses get fined for not doing payroll the correct way?

Most start up business owners have very little knowledge let alone any expertise of the confusing web of state, federal & local regulations around compensation, insurance and tax compliance, or of how to manage employee benefits programs. And when it comes down to it, […]

Repeat Sales is the Goal

The greatest compliment a customer can give your business is repeat business. You want them coming back again and again to your store or website. The clients that continue to comeback for more of your services or products are called “loyal” customers. A loyal customer is one of the greatest things for your business for […]